Wordle: The Ontology of Tags

Below is a Wordle of a paper that I’m presenting at the iConference in a few weeks: The paper offers up an ontology of tags based in Heideggerian phenomenology and schema theory. It critiques the view that social bookmarking sites are a type of collaborative effort among users and illustrates that collective is often mistaken […]

The Infiltration of Technology

From Heim, M. (1993) The Metaphysics of Virtual Reality, New York: Oxford University Press: What Heidegger called ‘the essence of technology’ infiltrates human existence more intimately than anything humans could create. The danger of technology lies in the transformation of the human being, by which human actions and aspirations are fundamentally distorted. Not that machines […]

Wordle of a Paper

Below is a Wordle of a paper that I’m presenting at NA-CAP@IU 2009 next month: The paper talks about semantic network representations as emergent cultural entities that are ontologically connected to larger cultural landscapes. I explore semantic networks from a Heideggerian existentialist and phenomenological perspective. I invoke cultural schema theory to bridge the syntactic and […]