H+ Magazine: Wendell Wallach on Machine Morality

I’ve always maintained that our machines won’t achieve intelligence until they have the capacity for emotions and ethical volition. I guess I’m not the only one…

Wendell Wallach on Machine Morality

Eventually, we will need artificial moral agents which maintain the dynamic and flexible morality of bottom-up systems that accommodate diverse inputs, while also subjecting the choices and actions to the evaluation of top-down principles that represent ideals we strive to meet. In addition to the ability to reason about moral challenges, moral machines may also require emotions, social skills, a theory of mind, consciousness, empathy, and be embodied in the world with other agents. These supra-rational capabilities will facilitate responding appropriately to challenges within certain domains. Future AI systems that integrate top-down and bottom-up approaches together with supra-rational capabilities will only be possible if we perfect strategies for artificial general intelligence.

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