Journal Articles

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Book Chapters

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Conference Papers

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In Progress

Saab, D.J. and Fonseca, F. (In Revision) Overcoming the Semantic Barrier: Intercultural and Intracultural Usage of Semantic Technologies.

Saab, D.J. and McGill, W. (In revision) Sociocultural factors in the intelligence consumer’s reasoning about analytic confidence.

Saab, D.J. (In progress) An Ethnorelative Values Framework for Sociotechnical Systems Design.

Saab, D.J. and Fonseca, F. (In progress) The Emergent Culture Model and the Ontology of Tags.

Saab, D.J. (In progress) Incentivizing Information Flow in Self-organizing Social Networks during Extreme Events.

Saab, D.J. (In progress) Uncovering the Ethics of Algorithms.