Information & Privacy

Floridi (1999) Information Ethics: On the philosophical foundations of Computer Ethics, Ethics and Information Technology 1:33-52, DOI: 10.1023/A:1010018611096 On privacy as a case of information ethics: [p. 52-53:] Privacy does not play a significant role in standard macroethics because it is the property of a class of objects as patients, not of actions. It becomes […]

H+ Magazine: Wendell Wallach on Machine Morality

I’ve always maintained that our machines won’t achieve intelligence until they have the capacity for emotions and ethical volition. I guess I’m not the only one… Wendell Wallach on Machine Morality Eventually, we will need artificial moral agents which maintain the dynamic and flexible morality of bottom-up systems that accommodate diverse inputs, while also subjecting […]

Teaching Information Ethics in an iSchool

Last year I developed a new course on Information Ethics and Technology. It was tailored to the needs of IST students, though it was probably the most philosophy-intensive course most of them had ever been exposed to. I was able to incorporate learning about traditional ethical frameworks (Virtue, Deontological, Consequentialist, Feminist/Care) with the newly developed […]