Infographic CV

I am actively looking for employment. As an interdisciplinary scholar that integrates cognitive science, cultural analysis, and technology, I can help with strategic transformations of organizational cultures, design courses and curricula, and deliver academic instruction and training.  I am interested in scholarly and participatory research regarding algorithms and ethics, collaborative technologies, knowledge creation and assimilation, […]


We have variant definitions of data, of information, of knowledge. What of wisdom? Here is one definition: “Wisdom is a practice that reflects the developmental process by which individuals increase in self-knowledge, self-integration, nonattachment, self-transcendence, and compassion, as well as a deeper understanding of life. This practice involves better self regulation and ethical choices, resulting […]


Rich Doyle, a friend and mentor, helped me realize several things: Scholasticism is a place I don’t want to be. There is infinite value in the ineffability of my Being, which I had heretofore characterized as my irrationality. That breaking the semantic barrier is a complex and necessary endeavor but that it will be difficult for […]

The Gap

For those wondering why I have a gap in my work history… My mother was diagnosed with dementia several years ago. My father needed help in caring for her. Hence I moved back to Massachusetts to help care for mom in late 2012. She died on February 6, 2016. I am now able to refocus […]

The Nonlinear Origins of Free Will

piero scaruffi is an author, cultural historian and blogger who posted: … The problem of free will is framed incorrectly. The “I” that is supposed to have free will does not exist: it is something that changes all the time, because at every instant countless cells of the body change including countless cells of the […]

Identities, Part 2

Continued from Part 1… Moreover, “I” am always learning, growing, changing. However my emergent experience is always shaped by past experience. There is an anchoring that reflects the idea of the peach-pit. But there is also an adaptability over time that reflects the idea of growing or acquiring onion layers. In accord with the idea […]

Inter-organizational Coordination in the Wild

I received notification the other day that my manuscript, Inter-organizational Coordination in the Wild: Trust-Building and Collaboration among Field Level ICT Workers in Humanitarian Relief Organizations, has been accepted for publication in Voluntas. Abstract: As many NGOs find themselves responding to the same crises, they have realized the potential benefits of coordinating their information and […]

Identities, Part 1

I’ve been reflecting a lot recently on the concept of identity. I claim in my dissertation and elsewhere that we have multiple cultural identities. This seems straightforwardly true to me, given that I subscribe to the idea that we use different sets of cultural schemas to manage our interactions with others and the world. However […]

Qualitative Research is…

Most of use would find it easier to conduct research if there were more clear set of rules to follow, if we could be assured that the paths of least resistance would be the most fruitful, or if were we guaranteed at least one “aha” moment in which it all fell into place and the […]