Inter-organizational Coordination in the Wild

I received notification the other day that my manuscript, Inter-organizational Coordination in the Wild: Trust-Building and Collaboration among Field Level ICT Workers in Humanitarian Relief Organizations, has been accepted for publication in Voluntas.


As many NGOs find themselves responding to the same crises, they have realized the potential benefits of coordinating their information and communication technology (ICT) activities—sharing satellite communications and internet access, sharing disaster assessment information—and have created cross-organizational coordination bodies. Coordination at the headquarters level across organizations has proven to be insufficient and some bodies are now engaging ICT personnel in their field offices in coordination efforts. This case study presents the findings of one body’s field office coordination efforts among its ICT workers, where trust-building through collaborative activities are revealed to be essential elements in successful coordination across organizations.

This article is co-authored with Andrea Tapia, Carleen Maitland, Edgar Maldonado and Louis-Marie Ngamassi Tchouakeu and comes from research done with the COHORT project.