Infographic CV

Infographic CV, David J Saab, 2018

I am actively looking for employment. As an interdisciplinary scholar that integrates cognitive science, cultural analysis, and technology, I am qualified to teach qualitative research methods, information sciences, information ethics, user-centered design, and other courses in philosophy, communications, and the social sciences. Teaching Philosophy [pdf]

I can help with strategic transformations of organizational cultures, designing courses and curricula, and delivering academic instruction and training in a variety of learning environments. Curriculum Vitae [pdf]

I am interested in scholarly and participatory research regarding algorithms and ethics, collaborative technologies, cultural/informational landscapes, knowledge creation and assimilation, as well as adaptive semantic technologies and narratives. Research Profile [pdf]

Lately I’ve been particularly interested in how technologies are employed in non-capitalist and non-hierarchical organizations, like worker coops and anarchist organizations focused on sustainable ecologies. These curiosities have yet to be developed into research proposals, so if you are interested in collaboration…Get in touch!